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LEECO was founded by a group of engineers and manufacturing team in Taiwan with over 20 years experience in positioning friction hinge solutions. LEECO designs and manufactures various types of friction hinges and torque hinge for a wide range of position control applications, including laptop computers, portable electronics, automotives, medical equipments and house appliances.

Our core technology is torque engine, the mechanism that generates friction torque, which, in certain designs, allows our friction hinges to achieve over 100,000 cycles life with less than 15% torque tolerance.

LEECO provides friction hinge solutions to major brand names on the market. With our experienced engineers and in-house precise process control, LEECO is able to deliver friction hinges of various configuration, torque ranges as well as customized features that meet customer’s design requirement, especially when space is constrained.

ISO 9001-2000 registered, our manufacturing facilities locate at Taipei Taiwan. And all our friction hinges and torque hinges are RoHs compliant.

Our mission is to provide high quality innovative friction hinge solutions to enhance the value of your products. LEECO

  • Provides total solutions to friction hinge products
  • Co-works with customers from initial concept to final manufacturing
  • Commits to quality and service.
Please feel free to contact us at:

LEECO Technologies Corporation

Tel: + 886 2 2917 7366
Fax:+ 886 2 2917 7579

Email: leeco@leecotech.com

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