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~IATF16949 certified in 2017


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LEECO's Technology

LEECO has made substantial investment in position control technology and production capability. Through extensive research and accumulation of valuable knowledge while working closely with our customers, LEECO Tech. has developed our torque engine technology to deliver cost effective high performance friction hinge and torque hinge products. With our innovative friction hinge technology and in-house process control, in certain design, LEECO is able to achieve an operating cycle life of 50,000 cycles without compromising the performance.

The features of LEECO friction hinges and torque hinges:

  • Consistent torque over 100,000 cycles (optional)
  • Very small difference between static and dynamic torque
  • Easily tailored for design requirement, especially when space is constrained
  • Negligible spring back and no backlash
  • Available in both symmetric and asymmetric torque
  • Automation assembly provides quality consistency and cost effective
  • All friction hinges and torque hinges are Rohs compliant

LEECO's Hinge Design

LEECO offers many types of friction hinges design. The technologies we use to generate the torque include spring clips, washer band (or friction disk), question mark band, roll pin and barrel friction hinge types. Each type has its advantage and trade-offs. LEECO provides solutions that optimize the performance while keep the cost competitive.

In addition to constant torque and long operation life, LEECO delivers features that are specifically stipulated by customers’ applications requirement, including

  • Detent friction hinges, snap open/snap close hinges
  • Damping hinges
  • Symmetric counterbalanceed friction hinges
  • Asymmetric counterbalanceed friction hinges
  • Thin geometry friciton torque hinges(less than 15mm)
  • Multiple axis friction torque hinges
  • Hollow rotating shaft for wiring
  • The combination of above features
and more. Please feel free to contact us for your friction torque hinge applications.